Friday, April 1, 2011


We were graciously allowed the opportunity to meet some of the fabulous ladies of Lady Lux Online, at Pool Tradeshow, this past February.  They are definitely some of those amazing people we were able to meet and speak with in our time at the first industry event for Fotoula Lambros Design.    

The call from Katherine came in on a Thursday afternoon, immediately after I picked up my rental car in Los Angeles.  I remember, driving down Sunset, and immediately pulling over in front of some mansion in Beverly Hills, since I knew this was a call not to miss.  She was very kind, as she introduced herself, and very professional as she made it clear the convo was to be recorded to ensure all deetz were fact and accurate as possible. The questions were great! Each leading into the other seamlessly, and very straight forward. I recall the palm tree inspiration comment being something I i viewed from that road, that sunshine filled day.   I remember sitting there in my Hemp PET twill trench coat, salt and pepper colored cotton knitted yarn tee, and my organic cotton spandex denim.  If felt really great to be able to make that remark as to one of her questions regarding my personal style. The interview was about a half hour, and I was thrilled to have been recognized by such a wonderful site, and to be given the opportunity to share my story, 

I absolutely respect and admire those detail oriented journalists, that put a guarantee on their work!!  Even without a verbal guarantee, visually, their site says enough.  It is so chic and profiles so many stylish, edgy, GREEN products and the story behind those products. I am grateful to have had that moment, that memory, of my very first article given on the West Coast. 

This article, which was so lovely written and posted by KatherineSweet, is a wonderful literary ideal of what I feel is FLD, and how FLD is moving forward here in 2011.   Please feel free to check out their site, and indulge in the most fabulous lifestyle features, your eyes have yet to see.  For the full FLD article and all things fabulous, CLICK HERE.


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