Monday, March 21, 2011

IMAGINE FASHION SHOW brings out some of the finest fashion minds around Detroit!

Photo: Angela McBride
Brianne Galanek, Miss Michigan Channing
Pierce, myself, & Sarah Lapinski
Me, Ashley Elyse in FLD, Angela McBride, Sarah Lapinski, Adrienne, Angela

International Academy of Design & Technology has done it again!!! The other evening, ROYAL OAK MUSIC THEATRE was full of fans, family, and friends, of the current student showcasers.

Hosting us that evening, was the lovely, Miss Michigan USA Channing Pierce, who is on her way to the MISS USA pageant coming up.

(Click here to vote for her in this year's competition)

Her partner in crime that evening was William Malcolm, a very sophisticated and community supporter of many different organizations around the Metro Detroit Area.
Myself, Sarah Lapinski, Angela McBride along
with some talented design students who
showcased their work at IMAGINE
photo: Michael LaCombe

The runway was filled with unique and interesting designs, that were all fashion forward thinking! I am happy to see the Academy continue to support and produce these fashion starlets, and I am very excited to see the students work even after they graduate.

I am very lucky to have an IADT student, Tracy Goss, as my current assistant! She is so attentive, detail-oriented, and her sewing skills are impeccable.  She is definitely one of my faves to date, and I am sad to only have her for such a short period of time!

Hopefully, I one day can bring her on full time, since in this business: what you design is just as important as the team you gather to effectively implement your brand into the business!
@Ronin Sushi Royal Oak with Angela McBride, Sarah Lapinski,
myself and Ashley Elyse in FLD.

I am very excited to have attended this years event, and hope to be apart of many more in the future.  As we all know and have learned somewhat the hard way, the momentum you keep from fashion school to the real world of fashion is definitely a reflection of the time and effort you put into your education. Congrats graduates, you are all well on your way!

Big thanks to all who was there and shared in the evening, and looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little fun in Studio~

Startup Fashion was awesome enough to add some wonderful photos taken by my great friend, Jason Ruth.  He is a local photographer from Detroit, with an excellent eye, as he catches  the complete humor of life, uniquely with his lens.  I was lucky to meet Jason, a mutual friend of someone I knew, through the employment days as a manager at the Emory.  We always wanted to find a project to work together on, then that day came and went leaving a trace of some beautiful images. 

I was thrilled to have had the chance to collaborate with him and a fellow artist, Belen Sheppard, at the Russell Industrial Center here in Detroit. 

That last time we had shot together, was back in May of 2008.  A while back, so to say, which now being 2011, we made it clear our next collaboration was long over due.  

Jason contacted me to let me know of something new and interesting he was working on, which included artists existing in their natural habitats (studios).  I call it a habitat specifically that for which it is, the type of environment in which an organism or group normally lives or occurs and creating the image around that person to encompass the scope of their environments. Its an excellent idea, since it is apparent, each artist is that creative organism that drives whichever medium of artistic expression that is chosen to later exist.  I really appreciate those who appreciate the arts, and all which the arts entail, especially the creative hub, otherwise known as, the habitat. 

For all of Jason's portfolio inserts, fashion and beyond... please Clicker right here

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Newest title: BreakThrough Designer on!!!!

Photo: Jason Ruth
Well, today started beautifully, the Sun shining over Detroit, birds chirping, Kona coffee brewing in the coffee maker, and I even managed to get the garbage and the recycling out before their pickup came! All in all, who knew this beautiful start, would only get better!

After my usual morning routine, first on the agenda was replies. Emails, tweets, and such filled my inbox's and one in particular stood out a little more than most.  The lovely Eco conscious Textile Designer and Blogger, Nicole Giordano, as well as Start Up Fashion, has selected me as BreakThrough Designer!

This is an excellent site that really supports and connects different fashion professionals.  One main objectives for StartUp Fashion and its blog is that which they are quoted to say "Through this blog we hope to help expose you to news, resources, ideas, and inspiration." The top four things that are  vital in the life of the fashion business.

Photo: Jason Ruth
Photo: Nicole Giordano

The comments and feedback has been so supportive, and it feels great to be recognized as one of the many brands to make a splash at Pool Tradeshow inside WWDMAGIC  a few weeks ago. She was even sweet enough to include some recent in studio pics from Jason Ruth, friend and photographer.

I am forever grateful, that she is sharing a little something about me, FLD, and all that represents, some of the best Fashion to be exported from Detroit. =)

For the full article, clicker right here.

Also, there is some more magic happening in the FLD headquarters, and we are thrilled to be collecting details on exactly how, who, what, and where all this is happening. Check here or even find me via twitterland for all the most up to date info happening in life that I will happy to share!!