Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The DAMSEL IN DETROIT does it again!

Hoda Salameh(right) with her
bestie, Oksana Mirzovan
Ms. Hoda Salameh, aka, The Damsel In Detroit, has been making a splash in Fashion well beyond Detroit's city limits for a few years now.  Her travels, however, have been filled with some of the best experiences, best dressed, best represented, and hardest working people that are making the Fashion world go round.  Her style, so outspoken, yet seems so effortless, always makes her one of the stylish gals in any room.  Myself, and Ms. Amy had the pleasure to sit next to her at the FGI DETROIT Trend Event this past Wednesday.  Her Gold bracelet, which adorned her wrist, was attached so delicately by chain to her middle finger ring.  Tres Chic!

Hoda has been known about town to be assistant stylist, and now stylist, for Styleline Magazine, and most recently, has been known to attend major Fashion Week shows and events, in NY.  Please take a moment to check out her blog, and see all the fabulousness that I am unable to express in these words.

A few weeks back, Hoda, was offered a Guest Blog opp, for  Living Embellished, and her mission was to shine a light on all things Fashion born and bred in Detroit.  From Designers, like Joe Faris, shop owners like TenderLinda Dresner, City BirdChi Chi and the Greek, Detroit Vintage and others, she definitely shares a chic scope of where to find style around the D. It is a pleasure to be highlighted amongst such fabulous people and places.

For the full Guest Blog article, Click Here.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


From Left: Alexandra P., Alexandra B., Briana, Maggie, Myself, Sally, Alicia,
Jennifer, and Jamie
Photo: Courtesy of Styleline Magazine.
The first of many events to come in 2011, kicked off laat week, inside the largest, most abundant furniture retailer, Art Van Furniture, along with the leading Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle magazine, STYLELINE.  Hundreds of metro Detroit Fashion enthusiasts, and Friends, came to support the 8 featured designers who I was so proud to be featured with. 

The evening was dripping in Chardonnay and Champagne, along with some of the finest catering, which to me as a Greek Orthodox girl fasting for Holy Week, I was unable to indulge in.  However, the evening was rich.  In flavor, in style, in variety. All the designers, brought some amazing pieces to showcase, and we were even delighted to get a moment to hug and chat with our most fave lady representing the best of Michigan, Miss Michigan 2011 Channing Pierce

Some of my favs friends, teachers, fashion ulumni, and peers in Detroit Fashion.  Mr. & Mrs. Art Van themselves came and shook my hand, as well as offer a compliment on my designs. (BTW: Mrs. Art Van was delightfully dresses in a crochet sheath dress, which looked amazing on her). 

Being apart of such an extravagant event dedicated to highlighting, supporting, and showcasing Fashion & Design, wherever it may be in your life, home or office. 

We were all winners that evening.  We were all apart of a wonderful event, that brought so many wonderful people together.  Especially the fabulous,  Karen Buscemi, of Editor of Styleline Magazine, Author of "I do, Part Two", and who also has her own super fab blog dedicated to the look of Flatwear Shoes, Casual Shoesday. She is such a supporter of the local talent around Detroit, and we are so grateful to have here an her vision leading the way for one of Metro Detroit highest circulated Magazines. 
There was a little extra tied in to this fabulous night.  Amongst seeing some Detroit based Fashion at its finest, those in attendance had the opportunity to vote on which designer collection was their favorite of the night. My friend, and fellow Detroit Designer, Kelly Sager, of Kelly Lynne  was the lucky winner of a $2,000 Art Van Gift Card that will allow her to upgrade her studio for season's to come.  I am thrilled that Kelly won, she is a delight of a gal, and her work is as brilliant, as she is talented.  Congrats girl! So happy for you!

                                                  Staff & Models of the Evening:
Hair- Laura Rose
MUA- Jordan Grafe
Stylist- Anna Goldstone

Alexandra Pasquanelli
Alexandra Bohacz
Alicia Kozfkay
Jamie D'Luge
Briana Benevides
Jennifer Dobransky


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly knows style when they see it!!

Yesterday, as every other Wednesday, the tradition I have kept, is getting a coffee and salt bagel with cream cheese, lettuce and tomato, from NEW YORK BAGEL in Ferndale.  What makes this order more of a tradition, was after putting in my creamer and splenda in my coffee, I would immediately grad these two, most important local mags, before I exited the establishment. 

I have been going to this place since grade school, and vow they have the best bagels in Metro Detroit.  When the days of Real Detroit Weekly began, it was a must that this cute little bagel shop harbored new issues the day the came to press.  I have picked up my Real D and Metro Times here for every article, every framed, and every highlight I have been offered in them over the years. 

Ken Hudak, a veteran photographer of Real D, caught the lovely Jane Fader stylin' in her new FLD frock at one of the most historic bed and breakfast places in the heart of Detroit, at The Inn on Ferry Street, in the Midtown area.  

Jane is a bubbly, fun, and smart gal, who knows how to have a good time anywhere, and look great doing it! 

May I add, the black silk velvet cape with silk crepe de chine lining,  she is wearing is also an FLD piece, and perfect for covering those shoulders on a brisk, chilly eve...Jus sayin'.

Looking great girl!!

Find them on Twitter too!!
Real Detroit Weekly @real_detroit
Jane Fader @janefader
Ken Hudak @ken09


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Styleline Magazine and Art Van Collab next week!!

Well, well, well! I am very happy and very excited to announce that I have been one of the chosen designers to participate in the Styleline Magazine Spring Party scheduled to happen next week, Thursday April 21, 2011, from 6-9 p,m.

There were 8 of us chosen, some which I know, some of which I have yet to meet, but I must acknowledge I am amongst a very high calibur of Detroit based Designers, who are all such an example of the professionalism and creativity needed to pursue a career in Design.  

Art Van and Styleline Mag were very nice, to provide us designers the opportunity to compete in a attendee voted contest for which designer is favored amongst the crowd.  With that favorite designer, chosen that eve, will become the proud recipient of a $2000 gift card, provided by Art Van, for a Studio Improvement Project. What a dream that would be!?!! To finally get the right kind of table height to eliminate some of the damage to my lower back that has developed over these years in the studio.  

Please take a moment to check out the fellow designers I will be sharing the stage with:

Luminita Murphy- Student Fashion Designer- 

May the best in show win and regardless of who wins, it will be an amazing show for everyone!!


Monday, April 11, 2011


My girl, Asia Willis, one of the most wonderful gals I know, not only ruling the PR scene around Detroit and beyond, was another gal who reached out to me while at Dialog Cafe off the Sunset Plaza in Los Angeles, for breakfast one morning on a Friday. Her email was first to open in my inbox, and she was so nice to congratulate me on all the things she keeps seeing and hearing about FLD lately.  

I have known Asia, for years now, and she was always one of those that always shares a smile, and always shares a great story.  Her work is featured not only on the NYLA report, but she also writes TYPE F, and has gone to almost every NYFW since I have known her. One of my earliest memories of meeting her come around the first Detroit Fashion Week I ever did circa 2007-8ish. She has definitely been one to watch my work evolve over the last 5 years.  Oh, how far we all come at this point. 

I really love to be able to share my story and my fabulous fashions with people like her.  She is always sharing wonderful links and events  on web spaces like Twitter and Facebook. She is also a leader in Public Relations which is working the newest, hottest Detroit Hair Salon, @ParisPortlandLA, the newest, hottest Publication @MashMag, and many other things popping up around towns near me and you!  

I really admire the work that Asia has done since even before I have met her and must say what a delight she is as an individual. 

Find her on Twitter, to keep up to date with the latest from New York to LA @thenylareport, while you are there make sure to swing by @FLD_PR and say hello!!

Check out our full article and the spotlight, here The NYLA REPORT FEAT. FLD

Friday, April 1, 2011


We were graciously allowed the opportunity to meet some of the fabulous ladies of Lady Lux Online, at Pool Tradeshow, this past February.  They are definitely some of those amazing people we were able to meet and speak with in our time at the first industry event for Fotoula Lambros Design.    

The call from Katherine came in on a Thursday afternoon, immediately after I picked up my rental car in Los Angeles.  I remember, driving down Sunset, and immediately pulling over in front of some mansion in Beverly Hills, since I knew this was a call not to miss.  She was very kind, as she introduced herself, and very professional as she made it clear the convo was to be recorded to ensure all deetz were fact and accurate as possible. The questions were great! Each leading into the other seamlessly, and very straight forward. I recall the palm tree inspiration comment being something I i viewed from that road, that sunshine filled day.   I remember sitting there in my Hemp PET twill trench coat, salt and pepper colored cotton knitted yarn tee, and my organic cotton spandex denim.  If felt really great to be able to make that remark as to one of her questions regarding my personal style. The interview was about a half hour, and I was thrilled to have been recognized by such a wonderful site, and to be given the opportunity to share my story, 

I absolutely respect and admire those detail oriented journalists, that put a guarantee on their work!!  Even without a verbal guarantee, visually, their site says enough.  It is so chic and profiles so many stylish, edgy, GREEN products and the story behind those products. I am grateful to have had that moment, that memory, of my very first article given on the West Coast. 

This article, which was so lovely written and posted by KatherineSweet, is a wonderful literary ideal of what I feel is FLD, and how FLD is moving forward here in 2011.   Please feel free to check out their site, and indulge in the most fabulous lifestyle features, your eyes have yet to see.  For the full FLD article and all things fabulous, CLICK HERE.