Sunday, August 28, 2011


Booth Sconce

The past week came and passed so fast, to conclude the second tradeshow on the FLD calendar of events this year. POOL TRADESHOW hosted us in Booth#428 and we were nestled nicely on the corner of the center row right next to CASH & CARRY section!

Sunday started the week full of fashion, trends, music, art, culture, and connection. So many turned out, as we all were guest to the infamous city of Sin.

Recycled Bamboo, twine & Urban Pheasant Glass accessories

The week began with So many eclectic types of brands filled the convention center, and we are so excited to been seen amongst them.  We had so many wonderful visitors and have added a few new retailers to our growing stockist. So many announcements await the month of September and we are beaming with excitement.

Director of Sales- Amy

Chatting up a booth visitor, and of course, using my hands!

How fast things go by!

Love the PanAm crew...grandpa would have loved them too!

They look busy

Eco at Cosmo
All work and no play, makes no sense! The Cosmopolitan treated us to some fine accomadations, and we had an unforgettable experience!

View from a room on the 55th floor
View from our room on 52nd floor @ Cosmpolitan

Sunday, August 14, 2011


This week is full of multifunctional madness since Pre-Tradeshow FEVER has entered the Workroom!!! There is an air in my life right now, that is unlike the atmosphere of any other. I feel an abundant amount of emotions as I take this labor of love and my team heads out to city of sin, Las Vegas, Sunday at 4am!

The newest of collections will be launched at this year's WWDMAGIC Marketplace, inside of Pool Tradeshow at Mandalay Bay Convention Center! This is my second trip with my new label in tote, and I am thrilled to get the word out and meet some amazing people along the way!

For Spring/Summer 2012, the use modal, tencel, soy, and hemp, fills the season.  Jumpers and Rompers that move in so many different ways, and  Bottoms, especially harem, are featured with a couple different hemlines, Tops and tanks with more intricate necklines, is a definite theme, I have continued to be the focus of my rack which is full of the latest in natural textiles. 

In the midst of the hectic day to day schedule, I have been in the mode of building the digital side of FLD.  From shoots, and commercial concepts, there is a bunch of instructional fabness that will be hitting the Tradeshow floor, on August 22-24.  Swing through, and feel the vibes of all season wearability and style, made exclusively in Michigan.  Made In USA- is the new black!!


Thursday, August 11, 2011

POP DETROIT Anniversary Event Photos by Victor Mangona

Here is a few shots snapped from the catwalk at last weekend's Pop Up Detroit Anniversary Party! To see the full list of shots from the day, please visit or see the shots on the CBS Local site!