Thursday, April 14, 2011

Real Detroit Weekly knows style when they see it!!

Yesterday, as every other Wednesday, the tradition I have kept, is getting a coffee and salt bagel with cream cheese, lettuce and tomato, from NEW YORK BAGEL in Ferndale.  What makes this order more of a tradition, was after putting in my creamer and splenda in my coffee, I would immediately grad these two, most important local mags, before I exited the establishment. 

I have been going to this place since grade school, and vow they have the best bagels in Metro Detroit.  When the days of Real Detroit Weekly began, it was a must that this cute little bagel shop harbored new issues the day the came to press.  I have picked up my Real D and Metro Times here for every article, every framed, and every highlight I have been offered in them over the years. 

Ken Hudak, a veteran photographer of Real D, caught the lovely Jane Fader stylin' in her new FLD frock at one of the most historic bed and breakfast places in the heart of Detroit, at The Inn on Ferry Street, in the Midtown area.  

Jane is a bubbly, fun, and smart gal, who knows how to have a good time anywhere, and look great doing it! 

May I add, the black silk velvet cape with silk crepe de chine lining,  she is wearing is also an FLD piece, and perfect for covering those shoulders on a brisk, chilly eve...Jus sayin'.

Looking great girl!!

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