Monday, March 21, 2011

IMAGINE FASHION SHOW brings out some of the finest fashion minds around Detroit!

Photo: Angela McBride
Brianne Galanek, Miss Michigan Channing
Pierce, myself, & Sarah Lapinski
Me, Ashley Elyse in FLD, Angela McBride, Sarah Lapinski, Adrienne, Angela

International Academy of Design & Technology has done it again!!! The other evening, ROYAL OAK MUSIC THEATRE was full of fans, family, and friends, of the current student showcasers.

Hosting us that evening, was the lovely, Miss Michigan USA Channing Pierce, who is on her way to the MISS USA pageant coming up.

(Click here to vote for her in this year's competition)

Her partner in crime that evening was William Malcolm, a very sophisticated and community supporter of many different organizations around the Metro Detroit Area.
Myself, Sarah Lapinski, Angela McBride along
with some talented design students who
showcased their work at IMAGINE
photo: Michael LaCombe

The runway was filled with unique and interesting designs, that were all fashion forward thinking! I am happy to see the Academy continue to support and produce these fashion starlets, and I am very excited to see the students work even after they graduate.

I am very lucky to have an IADT student, Tracy Goss, as my current assistant! She is so attentive, detail-oriented, and her sewing skills are impeccable.  She is definitely one of my faves to date, and I am sad to only have her for such a short period of time!

Hopefully, I one day can bring her on full time, since in this business: what you design is just as important as the team you gather to effectively implement your brand into the business!
@Ronin Sushi Royal Oak with Angela McBride, Sarah Lapinski,
myself and Ashley Elyse in FLD.

I am very excited to have attended this years event, and hope to be apart of many more in the future.  As we all know and have learned somewhat the hard way, the momentum you keep from fashion school to the real world of fashion is definitely a reflection of the time and effort you put into your education. Congrats graduates, you are all well on your way!

Big thanks to all who was there and shared in the evening, and looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

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