Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Newest title: BreakThrough Designer on!!!!

Photo: Jason Ruth
Well, today started beautifully, the Sun shining over Detroit, birds chirping, Kona coffee brewing in the coffee maker, and I even managed to get the garbage and the recycling out before their pickup came! All in all, who knew this beautiful start, would only get better!

After my usual morning routine, first on the agenda was replies. Emails, tweets, and such filled my inbox's and one in particular stood out a little more than most.  The lovely Eco conscious Textile Designer and Blogger, Nicole Giordano, as well as Start Up Fashion, has selected me as BreakThrough Designer!

This is an excellent site that really supports and connects different fashion professionals.  One main objectives for StartUp Fashion and its blog is that which they are quoted to say "Through this blog we hope to help expose you to news, resources, ideas, and inspiration." The top four things that are  vital in the life of the fashion business.

Photo: Jason Ruth
Photo: Nicole Giordano

The comments and feedback has been so supportive, and it feels great to be recognized as one of the many brands to make a splash at Pool Tradeshow inside WWDMAGIC  a few weeks ago. She was even sweet enough to include some recent in studio pics from Jason Ruth, friend and photographer.

I am forever grateful, that she is sharing a little something about me, FLD, and all that represents, some of the best Fashion to be exported from Detroit. =)

For the full article, clicker right here.

Also, there is some more magic happening in the FLD headquarters, and we are thrilled to be collecting details on exactly how, who, what, and where all this is happening. Check here or even find me via twitterland for all the most up to date info happening in life that I will happy to share!!


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