Thursday, February 24, 2011

BUBBLEGUM VODKA: A night full of popcorn, laughs, and holding branches....

On a cold January night!! I was lucky enough to get together with some amazing and talented friends and share some bubblegum vodka.  Lynn (photographer), Alex, Kyle and I all set up photo shoot shop inside a large and beautiful home in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  Alex was gracious enough to bring some fabulous hats she has been collecting over the years, I brought lovely Gauntlet gloves, and Glass Rings made by the most fab glass man in Detroit, Drew Kups.  It was a night full of popcorn, laughs, holding branches, and most importantly a last night we would all be together. Kyle was a gem of an individual, smart, curious, and a lover of the fashion world, as he was seen to walk many runways in Detroit via one of my besties, Sarah Lapinski's lablel Wound Menswear, and others such as Shei Magazine from Ann Arbor.   

My most favorite image from that night was the opportunity for Alex and Kyle, best friends since birth practically, to take a lovely picture together for one of the very last times.  Please view Lynn's blog for a beautiful story written by Alexandra herself, to her most beloved friend of a lifetime! RIP Kyle Holton~ you will forever  be missed. 
Peace and Love to you and all those you love, before it one day can become too late.

ciao xx

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