Monday, May 9, 2011


Everyone's most influential connection to society and culture, has become, the SOCIAL MEDIA outlets we know and love across the Interweb.  What has replaced, print literature, phone calls, personal visits and such has become the new era of connectivity that is limitless and boundless thanks to the creators of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, to name  a few.  

In today's world, each individual has the ability to choose to become involved, become very involved, or simply refrain from sharing too much personal information.  Regardless, there is an inclination of followers and friends and this Thursday, May 12, at Dolce Moda in Royal Oak will host some of the area's prime creative professionals, social collaborators, artistic influencers, and personas that highlight the importance of social media in their industries and the influence it has has in the future of networking. 

Jerry Paffendorf - Founder of Detroit Needs RoboCop
Matt Clayson - Director of Detroit Creative Corridor Center at College for Creative Studies
Hubert Sawyers - Founder of Frying in Vein Music Business Services
Mike 'Icon' Han - Founder of Street Culture Mash
Andrea Duchesneau - Head Makeup Artist at Heidi Bashar Salon
Catherine Healey - Founder and CEO of Fossati Studio

Here is where you can find all the event info, as well as, peeps and deetz away!

Social Media Is A Party online, on FacebookFacebook Event Invite event invite, or via Twitter

Dolce Moda, on Facebook, or on Twitter

944 Magazine Detroit online, Facebook, & Twitter

Detroit Young Professionals, on Facebook & Twitter

Vinotecca, on Facebook

Tre Monti, on Facebook,

Glaceau Smart Water on Facebook

People Movers on Facebook

The Sale RackFacebook, & Twitter

Elle de Couture, Facebook, & Twitter


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