Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Latest & Greatest at FGI Detroit BEAUTY PANEL EVENT

Theresa Selvaggio, Moderator/Regional Vice President of
Estee Lauder
& Karen Buscemi, Panel participant/Editor of Styleline
Last week, LIDO Gallery, in Birmingham, was host to the latest & greatest, in Beauty, Fashion, & Lifestyle. Theresa Falzone, my fellow Fashion Group International-Detroit Board Member & Panel Programming Chair, compiled a wonderful panel discussion which consisted of a variety of Industry Professionals that span every angle of the Beauty Biz from around Metro Detroit and beyond. From Fashion and Beauty Editors, Public Television Personality, Regional Vice Presidents, to Cosmeceutical Inventor and Entrepeneurs. This panel consisted of Laura Menaci, Karen Buscemi, Rino Marra, Rhonda Walker,  Marcia Fosnaugh Avis, and Josh Simpson. All mediated by the very sophistacated Therea Salvaggio, an excellent example of a strong, stylish, business woman.  

The night kicked off with a light Cocktail hour that allowed some of the guests and panel attendees to catch up, and "talk shop" so to speak.  For me, it was a wonderful time to see some familiar Fashion faces I hadn't seen in awhile.  Ms. Amy Gutz, stepped in as my date for the evening, and we were able to get some wonderful conversations from some of Detroit's finest.  Karen Buscemi and Laura Meniaci of Styleline Magazine, Molly McDonald of the PINK FUND, Shannon Lasovski of GlamorousMoms, Cynthia LaMaide of Lamaide Designs, Raffaela Moda, and Avant Chic, and one of my absolute fave peeps about town, Rino Marra, owner of FIGO SALON in Birmingham and common amongst the backstage preps at NYFW.  When the Panel kicked off, Gutz and I were able to sit next to the Damsel herself, Hoda Salameh 

Raffaella Moda, Rina Mara Panel participant/ FIGO Salon,
Emilia of Avant Chic,
& Rhonda Walker Panel Participant
WDIV Detroit News Anchor
Kim Prodan FGI Detroit New Membership Chair &
FGI Detroit Membership Chair Elizabeth Kincaid-White
A fabulous gal, myself, Panel Participant & Clinage Founder,
Marcia Fosnaugh Avis, and Glamorous Moms Editor
Shannon Lasovski
The topics discussed stretched from daily routines in personal style, all the way to how trends around the world in every industry, reflect what it next to come in product development, or even better, Fashion Editorials.  I was most interested to hear of Rhonda Walker's answers, which mostly involved how her personal style reflects exactly how she looks on the news every morning, bright and early.  It is an interesting concept, being the image that thousands start their mornings with, every single day, and not to overshadow the most important part of her position at the Newsdesk.  Still making the news the focal point.  

Across the board, there were many wonderful opinions and comments shared that eveining and it is great to see the different types of people that have roles in different types of industries.  

One things links it all together, each and every individual on the panel, made it very clear that their own personal style in life, has a large influence on their styles of work.  Interesting. 

I am always inspired to meet these wonderful people in the biz, from any industry.  Their dedication, and success is a prime reflection of what I would like to see in my own future.  All these individuals are masters at their craft, and we are so fortunate to have their talents here in DETROIT!  Cheers to the next Event! 

Rafaella Moda Rino Marra of FIGO, Emilia of Avant Chic

Catching a moment with FGI Photog
Micheal LaCombe himself
Myself with Regional Director of FGI Detroit-
Beckie Thompson
& Fellow FGI DETROIT Board Members,
Regional Secretary Tom Carbone &
Social Media ChairNicole Barrett
Nicole Barrett & Tom Carbone, Fellow FGI Board Members

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