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So, today is Wednesday, the day when MT hits newsstands and online with the latest and greatest stories out of Detroit.  When asked to participate in The Fashion Issue, I was stoked, as it was my first debut in MT to be seen as an new independent designer making a splash in the scene.

Then this happened.

This morning began with phone calls, emails, and more reasons to take me off course for the day. Amidst packing up 420 to move to the 313,  I typed in the MT website, to fine a misrepresentation of my brand and my garments.  The interview is correct, word for word, as I meant everything I say.  What Metro Times has printed says that I am the designer of something other than my brand, and that is a problem.  THE ONLY THING YOU HAVE TO SAY AS A DESIGNER IS TRANSLATED THROUGH THE IMAGE OF THE CLOTHING.

FOR THE RECORD:  This is a shame to the integrity of Detroit Journalism and I seek that Metro Times takes full responsibility for their error, and make right what is completely false. I am not involved in HOMESLICE in any way, and wish Emily Thornhill the best of luck in all her endeavors.

Regardless of Error, my designs and the photos of them are beautiful and I am happy to add them to portfolio. To my blessing, my team showed a display of Autumn.Winter 11 and Spring.Summer 12, model Briana Benavides, FLD Stylist Anna Goldstone and accessories from Sole Sisters filled the lens with high fashion, sustainable style and grace, and show that a team of local professionals and talent, is what make a perfect high fashion photo.  Too bad I can not use this article in any press kits...

BTW. Photographer, Dan Lippit (featured photographer of FLD A.W Debut Collection Ad Campaign), KILLED IT! Thanks guys, at the end of the day the work speaks for itself.  

So here is a link to the CORRECTED Metro Times Article, here

Here is the photos that truly represent FLD, followed by the interview itself.

metrotimes:   What's your fashion influence?
lambros: For his presentation I always admired McQueen, and, for her draping, Donna Karan. I'm influenced by the flow of fabric and the possibilities in design. 

mt;  Tell us about Fotoula Lambros Design. 
lambros: It's an ecologically conscious, fashion-forward label that focuses on multifunctional garments. Tops and dresses can be worn multiple ways, some featuring enhanced necklines that showcase between two and 21 different looks. I use only the best natural textiles, and, even better, everything is made in Michigan. 
mt;  "Who is your girl and where is she going?"
lambros: She would be defined by her character, and certainly not by what wears her. She may be mid-20s to late-30s. An "on the go" type, that needs to move from one place and obligation to the next — and fast. My girl handles business — meetings, presentations, panels by day, then a nice dinner and dance party! Optimistic is a good word for my girl. She's open to possibilities. 

mt;  Looking at the last three years, in what ways have you seen Detroit's fashion community change — for better or worse? 
lambros: Only for the better! I think people are establishing, getting organized, and, finally, the cross-pollination phase is taking place. I feel Femilia was such a part of the uprising that brings us to where we are today. A lot of people are passionate about fashion as an art and an industry. Detroiters are finally noticing the talent. 

mt;  What can we expect from you in the months to come?
lambros: I am all about growing the business. Whether I fail or succeed, I love it. I'm setting up a new run of production pieces, and the next season collection is lurking in the back of my mind. Recently, I've become a contributor to The Metropolitan Détroit magazine, with my column called WHO.WHAT.WEAR. There is more in store with Fashion Group International, at which I'm the creative connection programming chair. Most exciting is that I'm setting up my new studio space in Eastern Market. Made in Michigan — exported from Detroit.

mt;  Where do we find your fashion?
lambros: In Michigan, you can find FLD at What To Wear (Traverse City and Grand Rapids), as well as Comfort Me and Vivid Braille in Chicago, and Haute in New Orleans. My next runway show will be at the 101% Fashion Ride at the Crofoot on October 1. Runway shows are my fave!!

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