Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Beginning ahead in 2011

Well, everyone, if you don't know, this should clear up any confusion and set you straight.

Most would think that Versace, himself, died by the gasps, oohs and awwws I keep hearing...

Yes, Femilia is no longer, but the possibilities from here forward are endless! I am super excited to get my hands even more dirty in this fashion business and see exactly what I am made of~
I definitely made a huge impact on the localized Fashion scene around the Detroit Metropolitan area, and currently am thrilled to even have been added to the Board Member roster for Fashion Group International, Inc Detroit Chapter  From newspapers, weeklies, and magazine, everyone was so great to show and speak great words of support that definitely gives us the confidence to move forward from this point forward.

So, why Fotoula Lambros Design?  Well, first and foremost, Fotoula is my real name, not Fay, nor Fay Fay, and I definitely want to be known for that which is exactly what I am.  Myself.  Also, note to self, it should be a sure way no one would ever spell my name wrong, which has been the biggest, most fashionable trend in Detroit over the history of Femilia.  So my new, self titled, Independent design label, is going to be a very exciting and promising opportunity for me to see what I am truly capable of!  It is going to be such a gift to move forward with complete creative freedom and vision, and the clarity in me as a designer can be smelled and felt from a mile away.

What to expect from FLD in 2011....Well, to kick off the year, production begins on a Fall.Winter 2011-12 Collection and all the preliminary steps have been taken...As of January 1, 2011, I will be in full swing of my new creative business venture that is completely focused on sustain ability in Fashion and Design,  and I am more than ready.

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Ciao Ciao xx

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